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Multivan car hire in Ibiza

If you want to rent a multivan in Ibiza, Class Premium has a wide selection of luxury people carriers with plenty of space for you. They are perfect for large families or groups of friends who want to explore Ibiza.

Luxury multivan rental service

At Class Premium, we offer an outstanding luxury multivan rental service. We have options from leading brands with incredible features that position them among the best in the market.

With a luxury multivan, you’ll be able to get around Ibiza comfortably and conveniently. Renting a people carrier will mean you can move around the island in complete freedom and comfort, go wherever you want to and without worrying about space.

When renting a car to get around an island, people tend to pick a two- or four-seater vehicle without really thinking about it. However, we have options for those who need a little more; mainly large families or large groups.

Class Premium offers a Multivan category, an option that lets you enjoy the same level of luxury while giving you more space to carry more passengers than you would imagine. With our exclusive service, you’ll avoid going to the office and deciding where you want to collect or return the vehicle. Forget about waiting and make the most of your holiday.

The best option if you’re looking for an 8-seater

One of the main characteristics of the multivans is that they are recommended for large groups. Mainly friends or family who decide to travel to Ibiza and who are a large group.

For example, a conventional car can be uncomfortable for 5 or 6 people, while a multivan can be ideal. Also in the case of travelling with a lot of luggage or large suitcases.

So that you don’t have to deal with typical problems such as lack of space, at Class Premium you will find options for up to 8 people such as the Mercedes Vito and V vans. Feel free to take a look at all our new products to find the ideal model for you. We can even advise you without obligation.

The perfect rental vehicle for family trips

We know that, when planning a family trip, it is essential to stay together, avoiding separation in different vehicles. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to enjoy the whole experience in the company of your loved ones, thanks to the spaciousness of our Multivans. These vehicles are designed to meet the needs of families with children or groups of friends, providing enough space for everyone to travel comfortably and together.

The experience of travelling in this way, all together in one spacious vehicle, transforms the journey into an integral and enjoyable part of the adventure. In addition, having just one person at the wheel means that the rest of the passengers can rest and relax during the journey. This represents a much more comfortable and practical alternative to the option of hiring several smaller cars, ensuring a more enjoyable and efficient journey for everyone.

Why choose a multivan to get around in Ibiza?

These vehicles are perfect if you’re looking for enough space for more passengers or luggage. They are larger than a standard car and can have seats for up to eight people, as well as extra space for luggage.

Their capacity means you can travel more comfortably and with more space. They ensure your journeys will be more comfortable and that space will not be a problem when travelling in large groups.

Furthermore, certain models offer additional features, such as reclining seats, folding tables, interior lights, panoramic windows, etc. In short, all the best features for enjoying a more fun and unforgettable trip in Ibiza.

With a multivan, you won’t need to rent two or three cars when travelling in a large group because multivans offer more seats and give you more options. Not only in terms of how many passengers you can carry but also in terms of luggage capacity.

Handling a lot of suitcases and bags can be complicated when travelling in a large group. Even more so, when that group consists of seven or eight people. However, everything becomes much simpler and easier with a multivan. You’ll have space for everything. They are perfect for those who want to have too much rather than too little.

Rent your multivan in Ibiza with Class Premium for the best service

Do you already know the dates you are travelling to Ibiza? If so, now is the time to complete your booking and enjoy all the options offered by a luxury multivan. The best option for getting around the island more comfortably and with more space.

We offer this option at Class Premium, and always with the best value for money. A great way to rent a luxury multivan so you can have a great time in Ibiza while making sure space is not an issue.

A large number of seats, great storage capacity, excellent performance on the road, safety, speed, stability, etc. Our luxury multivans (such as the Mercedes Vito and V) have it all. You won’t regret choosing a multivan for your trip to Ibiza.


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