We take the car hire experience to another level: class, elegance and style.

At Class Premium, you’ll find a wide selection of high-end convertibles to rent in Ibiza. All our vehicles offer the very highest quality and are designed to meet even the most demanding tastes. Furthermore, our personalised and exclusive service means we can guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

Luxury convertible cars to rent for your holiday in Ibiza

Convertibles are a highly attractive option for those looking to enjoy the sunshine and landscape in Ibiza. These cars boast a unique eye-catching look and will let you enjoy a different kind of driving experience as you feel the breeze and sunshine directly on your skin. At Class Premium, we offer a range of convertible vehicles from leading brands in the market so you can make the most of your time on the island.

We know that convertibles are highly sought-after vehicles during the summer. That’s why we have an extensive fleet of fully-equipped vehicles from leading brands so you can enjoy your trip to Ibiza in style. We’ll make sure you have everything you need.

If you’ve always been looking for a luxury car rental service in Ibiza, now you can get your hands on a convertible and enjoy the island like never before. Everything you were dreaming about, just a click away. We make it all possible.

Find your ideal convertible

At Class Premium, we want our customers to enjoy a luxury rental service. If you’re passionate about cars, now you can rent a convertible for your holiday in Ibiza – the best way to explore the island.

We have a wide range of vehicles so you can find your favourite based on the brand, model or colour. We have no doubt that you’ll find what you’re looking for to enjoy a unique and unforgettable time because it will be like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Furthermore, these cars come with up to four seats so they are ideal whether you are travelling alone, with a partner or with family and friends. We definitely have the perfect convertible for you.

Why choose a convertible to explore Ibiza?

A luxury convertible can give you a unique – even exciting – driving experience. You’ll feel the wind in your hair and even enjoy a greater sense of freedom and connection with nature. It is an unforgettable feeling that you should try at least once in your life.

Convertibles are also undeniably elegant and stylish, so you’ll be making quite a statement about yourself at the same time. They are perfect for those who love this kind of vehicle and want to enjoy one while on holiday. Can you think of a more exciting way to explore and enjoy the landscape?

These cars also offer enormous flexibility and freedom. You’ll be able to choose your own unique path around Ibiza.

They are also perfect for those who like taking photos. Imagine the amazing pictures you’ll be able to take of yourself next to your rented convertible in Ibiza. An incredible souvenir.

Everyone has their own reasons for choosing this type of luxury car in Ibiza. Whatever the reason, there is nothing negative to say about them as you impress everyone you drive past and even feel like a bit of a celebrity.

That said, a convertible might be a little less practical in some places if it rains or the weather turns bad. But that’s not the case in Ibiza because this island usually enjoys great temperatures throughout the spring and summer.

Make your convertible driving dream come true

If you’ve always dreamed of driving a convertible in Ibiza, now you can rent one for at least a day to enjoy this experience for yourself. At Class Premium, we offer you the chance to rent a luxury convertible in Ibiza for as long as you want.

We adapt to your needs and offer a flexible and customised luxury convertibles rental service. You can rent the convertible of your choice for as long as you need to, whether that be for a day, a weekend, a week or longer.

Custom delivery and collection

At Class Premium, our goal is to offer our customers an exceptional luxury convertibles rental service experience. That’s why, besides having an extensive fleet of vehicles from leading brands in the market, we offer a customised and flexible delivery and collection service.

We adapt to your needs and deliver your convertible to wherever you want, whether that be the airport, the port, your hotel or anywhere else on the island. We can also deliver it to you anywhere else that might be more convenient for you.

Furthermore, when the time comes to return your convertible, we adapt to your schedule and needs so you can enjoy your time in Ibiza right up to the last second. We will collect the vehicle from the location and at the time we agree so you don’t have to worry about anything else except enjoying your experience.

Class Premium has the best convertibles in Ibiza

Take a look at our fleet of convertibles for hire and find your favourite. We have some incredibly powerful vehicles from luxury brands that you will want to drive away as soon as you see them, for sure.

If you can’t decide which luxury car to choose from our fleet, remember that we can also give you advice based on your tastes and needs. Just remember to make your booking far enough in advance so that we can make sure the car you want is available on the dates you intend to travel.


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